What are the benefits?

There are massive benefits to sustainable Green Energy. Let’s explore the obvious benefits. Carbon Sole is delivering Clean Green Sustainable Carbon Neutral Energy & Infrastructure that will attract further investment and employment to each gateway town.

    • Reduction in fossil fuel based emissions in towns from individual houses and businesses.
    • Bioenergy parks are controlled under strict EPA International Pollution Prevention Control Licence, delivering better air quality and reducing overall CO₂ emissions through the substitution of fossil fuels.
    • District heating equals affordable, targeted cost savings for heating (space and water) as compared to using fossil fuels.
    • Biomass woodchip is a renewable fuel sourced from sustainable commercial forests within 100km of each plant, local farmers delivering local renewable fuel.
    • The design of bioenergy parks optimises the manner in which biomass woodchip is converted to produce electricity, heat and biofuels. This combination reduces the cost to the consumer as nothing is wasted. Safeguarding the consumer from international increases in oil and gas prices.
    • Foreign Direct Investment – The bioenergy parks are designed not only to meet the current heat demand of the towns, (Industry, service & public sector, commercial, retail and residential) but also the capacity to invest in the future growth and sustainability of the region in attracting further employment based on the security in provision of cost saving clean green energy.


    • Bioenergy park operations
    • Construction
    • Pipe laying for DH Network
    • Heat Exchanger Installation
    • Harvesting and Haulage
    • Private Forestry Biomass Supply
    • Biomass woodchip is the most employment intensive green energy investment