Who we are
Ireland’s Green Energy Future

Carbon Sole Designs, Develops and Operates Green Energy Combined Heat and Power Plants Delivering Cost Saving Sustainable Green Energy to Towns, Residents and Employers. No Carbon Tax – No Fossil Fuels. Image description

Our Objectives

Our Objectives are to

  • Develop, commission and operate biomass fuelled renewable co-generation electricity & heat plants.
  • Decarbonise Towns, i.e. oil is for cars not for heating. Carbon Sole will provide clean green carbon free thermal energy (heating) to homes, businesses, industry, commercial and services sectors.
  • Help achieve Ireland’s renewable electricity (RES-e) and renewable heat (RES-h) targets in one efficient generation process, maximising the conversion of the energy in biomass/wood based fuels into both electricity and heating, passing the thermal energy savings onto the public in the towns where the plants are to be located
  • Provide reliable sustainable energy from renewable sources, working with local forestry and farming communities.
  • Invest in a Sustainable Energy Efficient District Heating Network that will meet the current and future thermal energy needs of the towns residents and employers, supporting growth and further clean green developments.
  • Delivering Sustainable Towns and Regions

Technology Partners

Carbon Sole Group is powered by the expertise of the world’s foremost leaders in bioengineering technologies. Our Technology Partners