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Carbon Sole is bringing Advanced Green Energy Utility provision to the Irish Market. Find out more about who we are and our technology partners.


What we do

We design, develop and operate Green Bioenergy Parks. Learn more about the how we do it and what the benefits are.


Our Projects

We have identified a number of key suitable locations in Ireland that would benefit from Green Bioenergy Parks.


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We’re designing the future of sustainable Green Energy in Ireland. Have questions for us? Feel free to get in touch to learn more

What is a Bioenergy Park?

Converting the energy in biomass woodchip to renewable energy products through highly efficient processes.

About Us

Carbon Sole designs, develops and operates Green Bioenergy Parks delivering cost saving sustainable green energy to towns, residents and employers. No Carbon Tax – No Fossil Fuels.

We identified the most suitable locations in Ireland that would benefit from Green Bioenergy Parks. After detailed research and assessment of many potential locations, two towns were identified as primary locations due to heat demand, proximity to Forestry & potential to regenerate and attract further employment. Shannon Town, Co.Clare and Sligo Town.

Our objectives

  • Develop, commission and operate biomass fuelled renewable co-generation electricity & heat plants.
  • Decarbonise Towns, we will provide clean green carbon free thermal energy (heating) to everyone.
  • Help achieve Ireland’s renewable electricity (RES-e) and renewable heat (RES-h) targets.
  • Pass thermal energy savings onto the public in the towns where the plants are to be located.
  • Provide reliable sustainable energy from renewable sources.
  • Invest in a Sustainable Energy Efficient District Heating Network.

Help us achieve Ireland’s renewable energy targets

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